Between the World and Me (Book Review)

Ta-Nehisi Coates probably needs no introduction. Upon the release of his book Between the World and Me, he became a superstar writer. His rise to stardom was covered in an episode of This American Life (this was actually how I discovered Ta-Nehisi Coates) which is so good it deserves a separate post of its own….

The Library of Unread Books

This August I had the chance to visit The Library of Unread Books (TLUB) on the last week of its two-month run here in Manila. Here is a description of TLUB from MCAD Commons’ website: The second iteration of a ten-year-long project, The Library of Unread Books develops from the artist’s (Heman Chong) deep-seated longing for books….

That one time I toured a Chinese girl in Manila

I don’t have any foreign friends. Technically, I do have some but I only met them online – an Italian girl with the same music interests as I do and a Puerto Rican guy who is into the same books I like. I also had some Korean students in Manila. I used to go to their…