15577580_120300001174317066_2092222086_nWelcome to probably my 6th blog or maybe 10th. I can’t say for sure as I’ve lost count. The average life span of the sites I’ve had was two years so let’s see how long this one would last.

I know that blogging is a very crowded industry. I lack the photography skills and a decent camera to make this blog look professional. As for my writing, it is serviceable but nothing of note (hence the title “Amateur Space”). My previous blog in its “heyday” enjoyed an average of three to five views in a week. Despite these shortcomings, I just can’t seem to totally give up the desire to blog. I don’t know what I can get from this in return other than it serving as a soundboard. I can not say for sure whether my posts would be of use to anyone but I hope a handful of them would be.

Writing the things above seems like I am setting myself up for failure but I do have high hopes for this blog like meeting people with similar interests. At the very least, this is an attempt to not let life pass me by through the motivation of getting experiences to have something worthy to write or share about (is this a run on sentence?).

I am fainthearted and the Internet is a scary place full of people wanting to tear a person down for the slightest mistake or for standing up to one’s principles. Still, I am signing this off with my name, something I did not do for all my previous blogs.

Elvina dela Cruz