Ugat: Raffy T. Napay at Silverlens Gallery

This is a long overdue post. The exhibit featured here closed months ago.

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Ugat by Raffy T. Napay is one of the most painstakingly exhibit I have ever laid my eyes on. There were not many pieces in the exhibit. As a matter of fact there was only one actual piece but it was striking because of its sheer size and the effort that the artist must have put into its creation. There was this giant rectangular canvas and every part of it was entirely covered in multicolored threads.The whole thing ran from one end of the wall to the other end.

I’ve read from a Spot article that Raffy T. Napay dabbled in other mediums before finally settling into threads. Being a son of a seamstress, he was bound to use threads in his work. Totally unrelated, but I feel a certain kinship with artists from lower middle class background. I am still intimidated by the local art scene. It’s nice to come across artists who came from the same economic class.

I must have stayed half an hour or longer just gawking at Napay’s masterpiece. My mouth was occasionally agape in pure awe and I let out muffled “wooooows”. Luckily, the whole time I was there, I was the only visitor. None of the curators approached me and they just let me be.

Raffy T. Napay is now part of my growing list of local artists to watch out for.

2018-02-26 02.00.37 1.jpg

2018-02-26 02.00.23 1.jpg

2018-02-26 02.00.50 1.jpg2018-02-26 02.00.56 1.jpg2018-02-26 02.00.24 1.jpg2018-02-26 02.00.26 1.jpg2018-02-26 02.00.30 1.jpg



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